Gate Codes

Beachcomber Gate Codes

In 2009 we stopped issuing Boat Ramp Permits to members in current standing (all member accounts were current).

Your access to the Boat Ramp is now issued as a Gate Code. If you have forgotten that code, please email [email protected], the current Board Treasurer or call (see the website for information. We will ascertain if your account is current and if so, we will either email you back a reminder of your current code or send you a letter with your Gate Code. If you are to receive a new Gate Code (you are now current in your account or you are a new member.), we will send you a letter on the instructions for use, restrictions, contacts in case the gate or your code is not working. We do not provide new gate codes every year in general.

Gate Access Location: The gate code pad is attached to the mailboxes on the left side, prior to the gate.

Remember: your Gate Code is a 5 digit code followed by the # sign. If you do not put the pound sign at the end, the gate will not open.

Emergency contacts for the gate, in case of a power outage or the gate is not working are posted on the mailbox at the entrance to the gate.

Bear in mind our community efforts including this site are largely carried out with community member’s volunteer time. Your volunteer efforts can make this community a better and more friendly place.