Member Acct/Dues

Beachcombers Members Account/Dues Status

Payments of Beachcomber’s dues (current or delinquent): Make payable to: Beachcombers Community Club and mail to: Branch Business Services Inc. See address below.

For inquiries as to your current Beachcombers Dues Status, please contact Branch Business Services.

Branch Business Services, 404 S. Main St., Coupeville, WA 98239 • 360-678-7543 • [email protected]

Remember, your annual dues and any subsequent payments need to be mailed to this address instead of our PO Box to ensure timely crediting to your account.

Please note, Annual Dues not received in the office of Branch Business Services on or before March 15th of each year will be noted as delinquent and assessed delinquent charges as stated on invoices.

As noted at the July 10th, 2010 Annual meeting, Billing Statements will be provided January, March and April of each year.

During the July 2018 AGM, the Board announced that a letter will be included in a special June invoice if you are delinquent announcing that shutting off your gate code or an intent to lien will be enacted 30 days from the date of the invoice.

When inquiring about your account status, please provide your Division and Lot number since that is how your account is listed.

Additionally, when inquiring about bringing a delinquent account current, please note that late fee charges are assessed on a schedule during the month so be mindful that the amount owed may incur additional charges if not satisfied by a certain date. Be sure to discuss this with their office so as to include upcoming charges that might incur before your check is received.

Please note: Branch Services cannot give out Gate Codes. Please email the Board (contact the Board feature) or current Treasurer.

Bear in mind our community efforts including this site are largely carried out with community member’s volunteer time. Your volunteer efforts can make this community a better and more friendly place.