Title Co./Realtor Info

For all Title Companies needing to inquire about the current status of annual Community Dues, Home Owner Account and Lien status, please contact Beachcombers’ Accountant:

Dawn Wilson
[email protected]
Branch Business Services, Inc.

If you cannot reach her, please contact the current Treasurer listed under: Contact the Board tab.

For those that are considering buying or selling homes or property, Beachcombers is a HOA residential community. Covenants do not allow for property usage for camping, RV’s or overnight trailers. Please review the Covenants for other guidelines. For those purchasing homes on Hidden Beach contact the treasurer.

Beachcombers does not provide water to members lots. Water is to be obtained from Cascadia Water, contact them for available hook ups.

Water Services:

Mailing Address:
Cascadia Water
PO Box 549
Freeland, Wa 98249

Physical Address:
18181 SR 525
Freeland, WA 98249

360-331-7388 Office Tues/Thurs 10am-12p, M/W/F by appointment
360-661-7781 Emergency number: call or text manager Culley Lehman
[email protected]

Beachcombers cannot answer questions whether or not your property has water rights. To obtain that information, you will have to ask Cascadia Water or obtain a copy of your title to see if it is indicated.